Are You Running on Auto Pilot; Stuck in a Bad Habits and a Vicious Cycle? 

Feeling Stressed Out? Burned Out? Overwhelmed? Living Life on a Non Stop Treadmill?

Carrying Extra Weight Recently That You Can’t Seem to Release?

Missing the Closeness and Connection You Once Had With Your Partner?

Do You Lack the Motivation to Move Your Career Forward and Live Your Best Life? 

Long to Clean Up the Nutrition and Eating Habits For You and the Family?

If you answered yes to any of these, grab the Upgrade Your Life Guide, as it is JUST for you!

Let's Upgrade the Key Areas of Your Life


I Help Women Create a Better Flight Plan, Avoid Turbulence and Put Their Own Oxygen Mask On First

Learn the Slight Edge Habit Hacks to Life A First Class Life!

High Altitude Habits; Simple Steps to Ease Into Your Life When You Are Done Being "Stuck in the Back" And Ready to Slip Into Your First Class Seat!


We often carry excess baggage from the past into our current day and life, and keep carrying it into the future which keeps us feeling stuck, like we are not quite good enough, unhappy, and can affect our physical and emotional health.


It begins to negatively affect all areas of our lives - relationships, career, money, fun and our social life. And certainly our health.

A little about me - I am Jackie Ulmer, a business, life and peak performance habits coach since 2005. I stumbled into this by accident, simply trying to “fix myself.”


I was tired of the struggle. The underlying feeling of being “not enough.” 

Can you relate to any of this?


The interesting thing is that nothing major was wrong. I had a great life. I’ve been married and a pilot wife for over 30 years, 2 great kids, a home I love, a thriving business and great health.


Yet "Comparanoia" was still a regular thing for me. Too much time spent worrying about other people’s opinions, imposter syndrome, and again, something that can best be described as perpetually feeling like I was not enough.



After decades of doing work on myself, to uncover where these limiting beliefs came from; to determine if they were in fact true, or simply a lie I was constantly telling myself; to reprogramming my brain so that my thoughts created better feelings and emotions, which led to me taking actions out in the world that guaranteed the results I was seeking.


My goal is simply to provide you with those same tools, knowledge and the framework to accomplish this for yourself.

In corporate America, I worked in the world of aviation and airlines, so you’ll hear lots of references using “airline speak” such as high altitude, upgrade, secure your own oxygen mask first, flight plans and checklists! It’s a life I love, so it’s always present!


We upgrade our life in a few simple steps. Today, I'll cover 6 very key pieces of your life.

Grab the guide and join me and others in First Class.