Jackie Ulmer, Peak Performance Coach

Hi, I'm Jackie Ulmer!

Probably like you, I wear a lot of hats: wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, entrepreneur, business owner and PASSIONATE Life, Mindset and Health Coach.

I've been married to a Pilot for over 33 years, and so "Pilot Wife" is another label in my "label box."

My #1 SuperPower is mindset, and it is something I work and share on daily. We are taught and told what to think; we are never taught how to think.

The first time I heard the expression - Thoughts Become Things - it stopped me in my tracks. That was January, 1997.

I've studied and explored this concept since that time. I've spent a lot of time resisting it, for sure.

It's the top skill set I now coach on.

My love of health and wellness started at a young age when my mom, way before her time, cleaned out the cupboards of most foods that were processed, canned, lacking “life force” and not “clean, whole and original.” 

My dad was diagnosed with high cholesterol way back and my mom decided to use food as his medicine.

Consequently, I raised my children and fed my family the same way, and focused on keeping my commercial airline pilot husband fit and healthy to pass his annual FAA Flight Medical (he’s never failed!)

I've built a million dollar direct sales business; and coaching business, sharing my simple, proven formulas for success.


My goal is to live to be a centenarian, and watch 4 generations unfold in my family.


A few of my mottos -

“We don’t get our goals, we get our habits!”

“Track it to Hack it!”

“Time’s going to pass any way, why not give this a go?”

"It happened; I can't change it. How can I learn, grow and move on from here?"

How might I best serve you?

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