Stressed Out? Extra Weight?  Feeling "Less Than?" A Simple Reduction in Toxins Can Change Your Life!

I help women feel better, look better and reduce the "Toxic Soup" we find ourselves and our families drowning in. Food Labels and Recipes, Personal Care Product Swaps, Toxic Home Cleaning and Relationships - Simple Habits to Improve!

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Ever Feel Stuck On the "Struggle Bus?”

Sometimes, life gets a little turbulent and upside down. We feel overwhelmed. Exhaustion and anxiety creep in. What used to be easy now seems hard. We struggle with guilt, comparanoia, imposter syndrome and more. All of this can take a dramatic toll on our physical and mental health, affects our relationships and can hold us back in business and career goals.

The good news? It doesn't have to be this way.

There’s one simple way to make permanent changes.

We can have just about anything in life we want with some slight edge habit hacks to create positive outcomes. Instead of trying to force radical change overnight, we focus on small daily shifts and routines to help you get off the struggle bus and into that sleek, smooth turbo jet!

 I'm here to help you strategize a better, more fulfilling life in the areas of health/nutrition, mindset and emotional intelligence; relationships and career. The goal is to experience harmony in all areas.

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From a Young Age We've Been Taught and Conditioned To:

Put our own needs and desires last.

Stuff, eat or overdrink our feelings and emotions away.

Strive to Have, Do and Be it all, often with great personal cost and sacrifice.

Care far more about what others think of us, instead of placing emphasis and raising our beliefs about ourselves.

Does any of this sound like you? 

Many of the women I work with me come to me with one of 3 common struggles….


Not Feeling Good Enough?

Sadly, most women struggle with resistant weight, poor body confidence and a limiting self image. Click here if that's you!

I'll Be Happy When...

Do you believe things will be better if "he'll just change" or those closest to you behave differently? Click here...

Money Mind Games 

Ever feel like you are chasing money, yet can never seem to catch up to it, or keep it? Click to explore!

I hear you, I see you, I get you!

Maybe, like me, you’ve tried a little bit of everything…

You’ve read THE SECRET, You’re a BadAss, followed and studied Eckhart Tolle and Brene Brown, written and recited your mantras and affirmations, and even practiced The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*CK.

Still, nothing is changing. 

Here is the most profound thing I figured out after decades of struggling with comparanoia and so often feeling like I was “not enough…..” 

Did you know you can feel any way you want regardless of any one else? WHAT?!?!? Sounds contrary, doesn’t it?

I am going to show you how to use your thoughts and your BRAIN powerfully to produce exactly what you want.

Sound too good to be true?

Let’s have a conversation about it, I HAVE THE PROVEN TOOLS and METHODS. And, I guarantee results!

Where are your primary struggles? 

  • Weight Loss, Health/Fitness and Body Image
  • Relationship Challenges, including romantic, family, in laws and children
  • Making more money or shifting to that ideal career

I will help you get any result you want by teaching you how to manage your mind, design a step by step plan to get it done, overcome obstacles, hold you accountable to do what you say you are going to do and actually get results you want.

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I Help Women Release the Limiting Thoughts, Beliefs and Habits Keeping Them Stuck So They Live a Fulfilled Life

If I asked you to describe yourself to me, what would you say? What are the first words or sentences that come to mind?

Often, women tell me they are living a life of overwhelm, struggling with weight and body issues, relationships that are less than ideal, a career that is unfulfilling. 

They feel tired, bored and uninspired. Stuck on the "struggle bus" of life.

Ready to change all of that? There's one simple way through it...

We're Going to Shape New Thoughts and Habits to Make Everything You Want in Life a Reality.


Upgrade Your Life!

You Are Not The Problem. The Way You See Yourself and Your Circumstances Is:

You don't need another person to change, for you to be happy.

You don't need to lose 35 pounds, for you to be happy.

You don't need more money, for you to be happy.

How might you feel if you began to see yourself as enough?

As smart, talented, beautiful, capable and powerful.

 Would you show up differently.. On purpose? On a mission?

Would others begin to see you differently? 

Would your self respect grow? 

What if you could look in the mirror and really love the image you see reflected back?

Imagine how all areas of your life might change - your relationships; your self image and acceptance; your career and earning potential; the goals you might set and get; and most specifically, the way you'd feel and act when you refuse to buy into limiting beliefs and  stories from the past that are anything less than the high standards you've set for yourself.

Ready? Yes, Upgrade My Life, NOW!