You've Been Told This But Not Taught This


You've Often Been Told What to Think, But Not Taught HOW to Think


How many times have you been told what to think, but never taught how to think? How to manage your mind and thoughts.


We live most of our lives wrapped up in our thoughts.


We wake up with thoughts; we go to bed with thoughts; and in between, we just think all day.


We think somewhere between 60,000 to 90,000 thoughts each day.


95% of those thoughts are repetitive and 80% are negative.


Assuming you get up at 6am, by 9am, you have probably thought or said a number of negative things about yourself.


Here is how a typical day may go:


Get up, go into bathroom, step on scale. Curse because the number isn’t lower and mutter something derogatory about yourself under your breath. 


Make your way to the kitchen, brew up some coffee and bemoan the fact that you must go to work today, to a job you don’t really like. You munch a pop tart the kids left while silently vowing that you will do better tomorrow, and feed what you define as your “too large body” better food.

As the shower heats up, you strip and examine your body sideways in the mirror. Boy, what you wouldn’t give for a lift for some of those sagging parts.

Is that muffin top getting bigger?

Squeeze some toothpaste on your brush and begin brushing your teeth while you examine your face in the mirror.  Those sleep lines are awful.

As you stand in front of the mirror to apply your makeup, you silently run a number of self shaming thoughts through your head.


Why are my lashes so short? Where did my eyebrows go? I hate those bags under my eyes. Why do I always look so tired? What’s with those wrinkles around my lips; I’ve never even smoked… (This one is my personal vice, WTH…)


As we scroll through Social Media; Facebook or Instagram newsfeeds, we see everyone else looking better; looking thinner; having more; doing more; being more… And, THIS creates “Comparanoia…”


What is wrong with ME? Why am I not -


Further along…Richer…Thinner…More accomplished…Blonde…..Blue eyed… More like so and so… Insert Your Favorite Here….


Why am I not enough????? A question we often ask of ourselves.


Did you see some of yourself in that exercise? Did it resonate just a little?


ENOUGH! Let’s take back control and stop the madness of this! You are beautiful and brilliant just as you are.

Often, it is things that happened in our past that created these self sabotaging thoughts, beliefs and patterns. Now, we must find ways to look back, shift our “current” thoughts around the past and make peace with those feelings. We can create new actions and results that serve us; that allow us to break free from “Comparanoia” and feelings of “not enough.”


Stop Believing Your Thoughts and Clean Up Your Self Talk


We all have circumstances and situations that happen in our lives, past and present. Some are very hurtful; filled with trauma; and frankly, something no one should have to experience.


And, while we can’t undo the past; we can manage our ability to no longer allow past people, hurts and events continue to “happen” to us in our thoughts and feelings; affecting our actions and results.


When something happens, we choose what we will think and feel about it. We apply a good or bad meaning to it; and our thoughts and feelings follow a specific path based on that choice.


No one else gets to decide how we are going to react, think and feel about anything. We alone do that.


The challenge becomes when we buy into the thoughts we are thinking as “the truth;” the reality of what we experienced.


This ultimately influences how we act moving forward, and many of the results in our lives are in direct relationship to the actions we take.


An example would be hearing something negative that was said about you by a co-worker.


Now, you feel hurt, and self conscious in your work space, especially around that person. You wonder if other’s think the same way, or have been influenced by this person. Maybe you “play small” at work now, not asserting yourself; passing on promotion opportunities, and begin to have self doubt and question if your opinion matters.


To see how this might be happening for you, think of a negative experience from your past, involving another person. Write down what happened; what you thought and how you felt about it; and ways that it held you back, or somehow affected your actions moving forward…


Now, ask yourself - is it true?


Was what this person said about you true? Or, in what way are your feelings about yourself and the situation true?


Why or why not? And, is it still affecting the way you think, feel and act about yourself in a similar situation?


Would you like to release yourself from that?

What beliefs would you need to change to release yourself?



What is one “Slight Edge Habit Hack” you can make today to bring you closer to your goal?


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