[EP4] Pilot Wife Holiday Survival Guide

Season #1

Navigating the Holidays as a Pilot Wife and Family

Holidays can create a lot of anxiety, added stress and emotional overload for a pilot wife.



Will they be home for:


  • Christmas and the big days
  • Shopping Parties and social events
  • Kids events
  • Decorating and helping out



Here is a short Pilot Wife checklist to get clear on before I deep dive into some of it.


  • Plan ahead and prepare as soon as you get their schedule
  • Handle your emotions ahead of time.
  • Being sad and even angry is acceptable. Just not at them as they can’t help it either.
  • Call in your community, family and circle of friends
  • Be the “party starter”
  • Know that this too, shall pass



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I learned to create new traditions that we have carried on for years, and that have become a bright spot and memory.


Our Christmas Eve tradition of Santa Claus pictures, hot chocolate and fun


Our Christmas Eve tradition of a family and neighborhood open house


Be willing to let go of your perfect ideal of the “Hallmark Christmas” for new possibilities and experiences.


I learned to ask myself - will it matter in 5 hours? 5 days? 5 weeks? 5 months? 5 years?


The anticipation of the emptiness is often much worse than the reality.


We must choose our emotions each day.


My kids and I (and my husband) look back now and remember only the good times. I learned to put my focus on them and making their experience the bet it could be and not focusing on what we didn’t have.


Remember to be aware of, acknowledge and accept your emotions ahead of time. Then, be prepared to make it amazing, in spite of.


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So, here’s to the gift of the season to you; and making the most of whatever the holidays and the airlines deal you.