[EP8] - Pilot Wife ABCs - Boundaries

Season #1

B is for Boundaries as a Pilot Life Family


In today’s episode of the Pilot Wife Podcast ABCs, let’s talk about Boundaries and in what ways these matter in your aviation marriage.


At the heart of any good relationship is communication, and that’s the cornerstone of setting boundaries. And, I’m covering boundaries first because HEY, it is the ABcs. We’ll talk about communication next!


It’s easy for hurts and misunderstandings to happen in the aviation marriage, because of so many factors.


Some areas where boundaries are important are:


  • Couple Time and Family Time
  • Communication on trips 
  • Layover expectations and trust
  • Scheduling and Bidding, as well as changing domiciles 
  • Money 
  • Your Independence to make decisions when they are gone



There are others but let’s tackle these for now.



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