[EP18] Pilot and Flight Deck Mental Health Awareness

Season #1

Kora Kresin, Flight Deck Therapist.

Kora Kresin is the flight deck therapist. Her mission is to make mental health care accessible to pilots. She is specially trained to work with men, and has been in the field for almost 5 years. She founded Compass Counseling Center located in Oregon. She's the partner to Pilot Cole, who she met eating donuts!

We cover:

The definition of Mental Health Vs Mental Illness

How she chose the Flight Deck Mental Health Group

FAA Regs and Mandatory Reporting, from Kora's Perspective.

How Men and Women deal differently with mental health stresses

What to be aware of

Supporting Pilot Mental Health Reform

How to find Kora - [email protected]  @flightdeck.therapist on IG


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