[EP19]Flight Attendant to Pilot, Pilot Wife to Mom to Real Estate

Season #1

Jill See has a full colorful history in aviation. She started as a child on her father’s lap flying in a small plane, yet was not initially encouraged to become a pilot. 


During college, her interest was revived. She started as a flight attendant, yet was still drawn to the flight deck! 


She paid her way through flight school, became a flight instructor, regional pilot and made her way into the big leagues! She met and married a fellow pilot, became a mom, chose to stay home and is now a realtor.


She met her husband, Bob, on a flight while they were both commuting, and soon were dating, then married.


Today, they have a daughter, live in an airpark, complete with airplane and boat, and she loves her rich, full Aviation Lifestyle!


That lifestyle led her to meet and fly with Captain Sully Sullenberger, the famous "Miracle on the Hudson" landing and Al Haynes, the United Airlines Captain who crash landed in Iowa after a catastrophic engine failure.


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