[EP20] Not So By Myself A Pilot Wife Struggles With Loneliness

Season #1

It’s no secret pilot wife can be lonely, filled with anxiety and uncertainty; holidays, special events; lack of ability to long term plan. How do we deal with this, especially if we have no prior experience in the Aviation world?

My guest today wrote the book, literally.

 Peyton Garland is a writer, wanna-be rapper, and coffee shop hopper who loves connecting people to a grace much bigger than expected. Her debut book, Not so by Myself, was promoted by Former White House Press Secretary Dana Perino and endorsed by TED Talk speaker Hannah Brencher. 

We cover:

Her childhood as a Military brat, a "Pre-Med Flunkie"; News Reporter, an Enneagram 1, (her Husband is a 3 on the Enneagram).

Peyton was quickly thrust into the role of “Pilot Wife” when her husband changed careers 6 months after their marriage, leaving behind a career as a sales rep with the Atlanta Falcons.

They struggled through her taking on 3 jobs to get him through flight training and certifications; their separation when he left on his first job in Indiana; his abrupt, furloughed career during Covid, and their recent celebration of his upcoming commercial airline job. He currently trains Air Force Pilots.

She was led to write the book when she felt the tug of struggle and loneliness, wondering why she felt this way. She’s a strong woman of Christian faith, and vulnerably shares her struggles with mental health.

Aren’t we no longer supposed to be lonely when we are married? And a young marriage?

She talks about isolation and loneliness in an unhealthy church regarding women. Her tendency to perfection and her realization while sitting across from a therapist how she had struggled with this for years, shoving much under the rug.

And, she did the work to unpack herself, her thoughts, her limiting beliefs and the work she did on herself.

The “Brainspotting” technique, and how much of what she thought was an issue with her husband or outside situations were actually internal conflicts within herself.

Her drunken saga on her honeymoon flight, trying to fight a fever!

Wow - powerful stuff!

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