[EP23] Pilot Jason DuVernay on Career Options and Life Part 1

Season #1

Jason DuVernay is a commercial airline pilot, as well as a career advisor for pilots, helping them navigate the many options available to them in the aviation profession. He has held a variety of corporate, charter, single pilot, Part 121, and Union focused aviation roles.

This is part 1, where Jason shares his very colorful and turbulent start in the airline industry as part of the "lost generation" in aviation, following 9-11, the different path his career has taken from how he first predicted it to go, and how incredibly content and happy he is with his choices.


We talk about the choices, the things to consider - Quality of life; amount of time home vs gone, parenting as a pilot, speed to left seat or Captain upgrade, wide body flying opportunities and more.

Perfect for anyone considering aviation, considering new career options and Pilot Wives and Partners who want to better understand what they are in for!


Stay tuned for Part 2...

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