[EP]25 Domiciles and Deviations in Pilot Wife Life

Season #1

There are a lot of decisions to be made in this thing called “adulting” and pilot wife life is no different.

Today, we cover domicile and living in base vs commuting; the deviations we often make throughout the course of a career, and the details that go along with it.

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All of the things to consider about domiciles and commuting: distance, jumpseat availability, expenses such as crash pad, hotels and lodging, meals and uber, airline tickets to get home for holidays and special occasions; local family and friends, the wear and tear of commuting. There is no one size fits all, unfortunately. You must weight in on each area of your life.

The deviations of aviation: Base closings, furloughs, economic shifts, war, oil and gulf conflict, mergers, cease flyings, loss of medical through injury or illness, Equipment change and domicile changes.

Be open to weighing all options thoroughly. Have someone else help coach you through your blind spots around it, preferably someone who has been there.


 I’ve been through a LOT of the bad times, and plenty of the good times, and survived, as did my children. And, my marriage, ha!

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