[EP26] Infidelity In Pilot Wife Life Part 2

Season #1

Life is full of lessons and learning. Today, my guest Charity shares her story of an unfaithful pilot. While it’s shocking because it is not your typical story. It involves prostitution and escort services. And, as ironic as it sounds, it also provides great insight into staying more present in the marriage, on both sides.

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As I’ve shared, when I launched the podcast and began asking in the Pilot Wife communities what topics they wanted to hear, pilot infidelity, or more specifically, are pilots more likely to cheat was by far the most requested topic.


It surprised me on the one hand, and on the other, not so much.


My own theory is that the pilots profession does not make one more likely to cheat.


By far, mostly of the pilots I have talked to knew early on they wanted this career, and I don’t think they were thinking, as a young child - I wanna be a pilot so I can cheat from town to town.


Charity contacted me and wanted to share her story on the show. After we get through the specifics of what happened, it turned into a solid learning experience and my hope is that anyone who listens will take something away from it on how to best manage communication and relationships. I welcome your feedback, as always.


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