[EP33] Drone Pilots and Women In Aviation

Season #1

Ever wondered about the future of drones? Piloting a Drone? The future of UAS - Unmanned Aircraft Systems?

Today I have Toni Drummond, a 25 year veteran in the private aviation and aerospace industry.

We cover a lot of topics in the Drone Industry - including people's fear of drones; all of the unique capabilities drone flying offers; opportunities for drone pilots and women in aviation. And, more! Including the role that NASA plays in this emerging field.

She currently is the Founder & CEO Global Aerial Management Group, a woman owned UAS/UAV company based in Cave Creek AZ. In addition she is a Managing Partner at Prestige Air Group, a private jet charter & management company based in Henderson, NV.

Toni Drummond began her aviation career at one of the busiest private airports in the country, Teterboro Airport in New Jersey. 

She spent her early years working at very busy large flight department where she rose quickly . She was assigned to the top-tier VIP clientele and used her skills in advanced logistical planning arranging around the world tours, productions, and private jet travel for the elite. She helped manage long-term growth as she created an expanded a national team of aviation sales professionals responsible for Global sales in diverse areas of the company, including Aircraft Management, Charter and operations. She was responsible for managing a nationally diverse fleet of business jets. Her career expanded through the years opening multiple successful aviation companies from 2002-current .

Toni’s career became highly specialized in logistics as she zoned in on intricate project management including multiple Olympics, FAA Part 380 shuttle Schedules, Global mass movements, specialized activations, high level logistics and worldwide aviation tours. It was in 2020 that an aviation project in the medical field led Toni to start dreaming about the benefits of unmanned flying and the many benefits this technology holds in the future of aerospace. She founded Global Aerial in the middle of the night soon there after.

Toni spends enjoys traveling and runs a large scale aviation networking group. She has a passion for furthering women in science tech and aviation. She is an innovator and a doer.

Toni resides in Cave Creek AZ. She promotes multiple female educational and humanitarian drone and aviation related initiatives. Find Toni Drummond on LinkedIn.


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