[EP34] Rosalie Mastaler, Pilot Wife - Overcoming Tragedy to Inspire Others

Season #1

Finding joy in the journey, one step at a time. The Mastaler family found themselves in the spotlight, but not in a way they could have ever imagined. 

In 2015, Michael’s police dog attacked Hunter, their oldest son. The bite was so severe they were forced to amputate his left leg below the knee. Seeing their names and pictures in news articles and stories across the world was mortifying. All they wanted was privacy and to recover in peace.

As healing occurred and Hunter adapted, they felt inspired to share their journey of hope and finding joy. They knew they were more than a tragedy.

Michael then went on to pursue aviation as a career, thus her pilot wife status. This story will bring you to tears and lift you up with joy, all in less than an hour!

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