[EP37] He Said, She Said - Navigating Relationships Part 1

Season #1

Couples Coaches Veronica Clark and Justin DeWitt share ideas on Mastering Relationships At a Distance. In this first part, we cover their own stories of life, first marriages, infidelity, betrayal, meeting each other, dating and working together.

As well as 

How to stay connected during those times apart

How they recommend establishing good communication for those times apart and together

 How to set up good communication and boundaries beforehand so as to reduce conflict

Some key takeaways:

Tell yourself the story that you want to be true, and manage your own behavior through that.

 Jealousy is a super hungry emotion that needs to keep being fed.

Be willing to communicate your needs - connection, loneliness,

 Desires, fears and boundaries - communicate ahead of time.

The only thing that kills relationships is resentment - infidelity and the rest are symptoms

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