[EP38] He Said, She Said - Relationship Coaching Part 2

Season #1

Couples Coaches Veronica Clark and Justin DeWitt share ideas on Mastering Relationships At a Distance. In this second part, we cover more of their own stories of life, first marriages, infidelity, betrayal, meeting each other, dating and working together.

As well as :

Am I listening or here to fix something?

What conversations should be avoided by text or the written word vs a full conversation.

As Shrek Says - Better out than in!

Self Care when you are apart.

Confidence is attractive, neediness is not.

Handling their fun layovers on the beach with joy vs resentment

Give them a reason to want to come home to YOU

Military Relationships; long term deployments

Monogamy and agreements

The coaches give their best tips for successful relationships 


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