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Jill See, Pilot, Pilot Wife Who Flew With Captain Sully Sullenberger

Jill See has a full colorful history in aviation. She started as a child on her father’s lap flying in a small plane, yet was not initially encouraged to become a pilot.


During college, her interest was revived. She started as a flight attendant, yet was still drawn to the flight deck!


She paid her way through flight school, became a flight instructor, regional pilot and made her way into the big leagues!


She met her husband, Bob, on a flight while they were both commuting, and soon were dating, then married.


Unable to have a biological child of her own, they explored surrogacy and now have a beautiful, grown daughter. After struggling with leaving her daughter in the care of another, she made the difficult decision to leave her pilot career and become a full time mom.


911 - her life during it and how it changed the world. She had given up her airline pilot career. She went back to flight instructing in the midst of pay cuts and bankruptcies.


Today, they live in an airpark outside of Charlotte (Lake Norman Airpark), and own an airplane named “Archie” - a piper archer!


She loves her community of fellow aviators; parties in the hangars and they also have a boat on the Lake. What a life!


Jill and I had the opportunity to meet in person when I hosted an American Airlines Pilot Wife Flyin to Scottsdale at my home! We had a blast.


Those relationships are so critical!


She also met, flew with and had dinner with USAirways Captain Sully Sullenberger, famous for his “Miracle on the Hudson” crash landing in the Hudson river, when the airplane hit a massive bird strike, crippling both of the engines.


She loves encouraging women to pursue aviation as a career, and had some amazing mentors and role models in her own career. While it’s tough being a female in a man’s world, she had mostly great experiences.

She’s been active in the Ninety Nines, International Organization of Women Pilots, and hosted Al Haynes, United Airlines Pilot Famous for his Sioux City Iowa crash landing of his airplane when it experienced a catastrophic engine failure in its rear engine, which triggered a loss of hydraulic fluid.


Listen and enjoy! What a gal!


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