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New Year's Goals, Resolutions and Focus - What's Your Word

How do you welcome in the new year, and close out the old? Do you have a formal process or format?

We’ve just launched 2023 and now is the time most people look ahead to what they want to DO and accomplish in this next 365 days, and many, like me, also look backwards at the ending year’s lessons.

I’ve been choosing a word of the year since the late 90s. I don’t remember when I started. A few years ago, about 2016, I believe, I started tracking my words.


Often, I would choose a word and within a month, I seldom remembered what the word was. It had no real meaning.


I chose something that sounded cool.




4 years ago, I changed that and I share my process on the show. This has changed EVERYTHING for me. IT has created an intentional approach to growing with and learning from the word.


A few of my past words have been:


2016 Focus

2017 Faith

2018 Systemize

2019 Mastering Practice

2020 Accomplished

2021 Resilient

2022 Present


I also write a letter from my future self talking to my present day self, one year from now. So, december 31, 2023, what do I have to share about the year?


For many of us, the end of a year can create feelings of success or failure, longing or frustration, depending on what we’ve achieved during the past 365 days.


Have we lived our best life? How has our lifestyle reflected our goals? Are there changes we’ve made or would still like to make looking forward?


Many focus on making New Year’s resolutions. Often, these are lofty and grandiose and leave us falling short as the year draws to a close.


It’s said that around 88% of those making New Year’s resolutions  don’t stick to those new plans and goals, because New Year’s resolutions set us up for failure. A great way to do this is to choose a focus or guiding word of the year instead.


Choosing your personal focus and a guiding word can be a more positive way to actually anchor in and succeed at what it is you want to achieve and your intentions for a new year.




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