Food Prep - Refrigerator Clean Out For Vegetable Soup

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Never Let Your Produce Go to Waste!

Meal Prep simplified! I love to prep for my week on Sunday's and also take this time to clean out my refrigerator and use up any produce that is about to expire.


This is also when I will plan my meals for the week, and prep as much as I can.


This week, I made:


Vegetable Soup

I sort my produce - what needs to be used RIGHT NOW, and what can I slice and dice for future meals for the week.


I love to cook, so this is easy! It's THERAPY! I put on some Tom Petty music or some good jams, and get busy.


In this video, I had onions, carrots, kale, a giant zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower - and I added olive oil and garlic to my Stock Pot, saute until translucent and then I just throw in the rest of the vegetables.


I added my homemade Turkey Stock and simmered it for an hour or so. I added Seasonings and it is good to go.


I froze some of it and saved some for the week.


I also prepped my Quinoa for the week, as well as Black Beans and Garbanzo beans.


I'll use some of those Garbanzo Beans for my Spiced Chickpeas!


Just some simple ideas to create fabulous meals; stop wasting so much produce, and have a smooth, easy week with good planning and no overwhelm!



Are you ready to live your best life?



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