My Business Pivot and Peak Performance Habits

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How to Pivot a Business and Where I’ve Been

Welcome to the Peak Performance Habits Podcast.

We don't get our goals, we get our habits! Today, I'm sharing my (slight) business pivot, to focus fully on the Peak Performance Habits of Success in life and business.

YES, new name, sort of new show, new and improved content to serve you!

The beauty of being an entrepreneur is the growth. Releasing of fear of risk, contemplating and taking pivots.  Which is how we are here.

My journey, condensed:


  • 1994 launched direct sales, after a fabulous career aviation, partying for a living.
  • Kids, boredom, desire to have an be more.
  • Took My Business Online in 1999
  • Quickly achieved top 1/2 of 1% Network Marketing MLM earners
  • Organically became a Business Coach
  • Added Life Coaching
  • Added Nutrition Certification


Over time, I realized the bulk of my work lies with mindset. Thoughts, emotions, stories from past, beliefs, motivations, action or inaction and ultimately, our results.


We think our results are outside of us. They aren’t. No one else is holding you back. You don’t need a new company, a better pay plan, a different weight or size, a new haircut, a better relationship - none of that is the issues.

We believe we’ll be happy when:

  • We lose 30 pounds
  • We make more money
  • We get a new job or career
  • We hit a rank promotion in our company
  • We find a new relationship
  • Our spouse or partner changes ot make us happy

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