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I’m Jackie Ulmer, a holistic integrative nutrition and health coach. Like so many women and men, I struggled with some nagging and scary symptoms once I hit middle age.


Resistant belly fat, challenges sleeping, joint pain and inflammation. And, I have always been physically active with a pretty clean diet overall.


In my search for answers, I began studying the works of Dr Jason Fung, the Obesity, Diabetes and Cancer Code author, as well as numerous other books on the medical benefits of Intermittent Fasting.


Dr Mark Hyman, Dr Will Cole are two others who are big advocates of Intermittent Fasting, and have hundreds of successful patient testimonials.


I have personally eliminated many of the symptoms I began to experience after turning 50 and have a more positive outlook on aging well.


What Is Intermittent Fasting? And, What is it NOT?


As we have discussed, Intermittent Fasting is a method of eating and living that has the potential to improve your overall health, functionality and longevity.


It is NOT starvation; it is not a diet.


It’s free, it’s flexible, and it’s sustainable. You can do it anywhere, with no advanced planning, other than getting your mind straight.


With Intermittent Fasting, we are more focused on WHEN you eat vs just what you eat.


In my program,Intermittent Fasting - the Myths, the Magic and the METHODS , I have many resources to support your in your journey to success.


  • Goal Setting
  • Simple Guidelines if you don't want to overthink it
  • Scientific Research and Data
  • Recipes
  • Managing your thoughts and emotions
  • Navigating holiday and social occasion ideas,
  • Exercise and fitness tips
  • Kitchen and pantry makeover
  • How to use this plan as a long term solution to weight and health issues
  • How food marketing has lied to you and led you astray
  • How to read food labels
  • What to buy for healthier options
  • Calming the "Cortisol Curse" - that hormone that creates stress and belly fat
  •  Monthly coaching calls to get your questions answered.
  • And more



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