Intentionally Creating a New Year and New You

Intentionally Creating a New Year and New You

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Want to Create a Better New Year Intentionally?

It’s that time of year again, goals, intentions, and  - Resolutions.

Do you set them? Do you get them? On today’s show, I’m going to take you through an exercise that will help you take off strong for 2022, cruise smoothly through the year- and arrive at your destination, on 12/31/22 stating - Mission Accomplished…

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Welcome back as we release one year in hopes and anticipation of a new year.


Set Yourself Up For Success This Year and Plan Your Best Year Ever!

There are 7 Spokes in the Wheel of Life, with which to create balance and harmony. These are:

Faith, Family, Field (Career), Finance, Fitness, Friends and Fun. Reflect on each of these and write a paragraph describing each area when you BEGAN 2021.

Place a Dot in the Middle of each section, describing how you rate yourself on a scale of 0-10 in each area, with the top edge being 10 and closer to center being 0.


 Reflections on This Past Year


Describe the person you started this year as?

What were some favorite moments and memories of 2021?  

What were some disappointments and areas of unfulfillment?

What "life and growth lessons" did you learn in 2021 and how did they serve you? 

What were your greatest accomplishments? 

What surprised you?

How would you describe yourself now, as 2021 closes?


Looking Ahead and Planning for Success


How would you like to describe yourself at the end of 2022?


What are you holding on to that might prevent you from becoming that person mentally, emotionally, physically?



Clearing Out the Old


What would letting go of make room for, allowing you to be different?

What steps will you take to let go, and let in?

  When will you begin?


Your Wheel of Life Plan for 2022

Write a paragraph describing each Spoke in the Wheel of Life you want to end with in 2022.

Faith, Family, Field, Finance, Fitness, Friends, Fun



Creating Big Things

What would you most like to achieve in 2022? Something big, that stretches you? A breakthrough?

What are some markers along the way that let you know you are on track?


What actions will you need to be taking to hit these markers?



Becoming Your Best Self

Who must you become in order to achieve your breakthroughs?

 What will the person you become along the way learn?


What did you let go of to become that person?



Peak Performance Habits

What habits must you adopt to become this person?

  What habits must be released?

  When will you begin to adopt and release these habits?


Spokes in the Wheel of Life

Place a Dot in the Middle of each section, describing how you intend to rate yourself at the close of 2022.


Set Yourself Up for Success This Year

Do you have a "focus word" for 2022, and what is it?

A focus word is 1 word to use as a theme for focusing your intention and energy around having, doing and being, and can serve as a tool to measure actions and decisions against. A powerful reminder of how you want to “show up.”

What phrase, question or mantra will you use each day to remind, reshift and focus you on your intentions, goals and focus word?

It's 12/31/22- describe your feelings about yourself and the 7 focus areas of your life…

What have you learned from this exercise?





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