Pilot Wife Life Key 3 - Friendships and Community

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Develop Good Support Systems as a Pilot Wife


As a Pilot Wife, or involved with someone in aviation, you are going to spend a good bit of time alone. Some nights, weekends, and holidays, in most cases. You've probably  figured this out by now.


This makes it critical that you have a good support system of friendships, family and others in the Pilot Wife community.


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I started in the Aviation Industry at age 20, and so I learned early on that life, weekends, holidays and special occasions are what WE choose to make of them.


My airline community was doing “Friendsgiving” before it was a “thing.”


I call it the gathering of the Misfit Toys! (Think - Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer kids show.) Everyone who wasn’t going home for the holidays; or didn’t have anyone close - all were invited to our place for the day!


I also established a strong group of gal pals in every city we ever lived in. First, my fellow aviation friends and pilot wives. As we had children, that circle naturally expanded to moms of my kid’s playmates.

It was harder back then to find other Pilot Wives and community. Today, with social media, it's never been easier.


A great starting place is Facebook and Instagram, where other pilot wives in your pilot’s company are, or any other group of generic pilot wives. Just type “Pilot Wives” in the Search Bar, or “American Airlines Pilot Wives”, substituting American with your airline affiliation name.


Learn to lean into this group as needed, and wanted. This can be richly rewarding.


This community understands your lifestyle more than any other group. They know how to lend an ear for listening, advice if desired, and ideas!


Some of my fondest memories, friendships and girl trips have been Pilot Wives and trips we have taken together. Think about it - they understand non revving; getting stuck; not getting on a flight - so many of the variables that others just don't get.

Make friendships and community an ongoing outreach and something you nurture.


Listen to the Pilot Wife Podcast here!


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