Pilot Wife Life Key 4 - Know Your Anxieties and Triggers

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Does the Pilot Wife Life Create Anxiety and Triggers?

What is stressful to you about this lifestyle? Think about this a bit. It could be many things:


  • Being alone at night
  • Fear of abandonment
  • Fear of infidelity
  • Fear of the unknowns in the Aviation World
  • Irregular schedules
  • Not having the consistency of a “normal” life
  • Making decisions alone
  • Handling the kids alone for days at a time
  • Furloughs and Mergers

Social Media and Texting has added a whole new element to the communication, miscommunication and anxiety piece, right?

And, there could be others. There is no right or wrong here. Just be aware of your feelings and how/when they arise.


Don’t let anyone tell you these are irrational. They just ARE. And, no one can “talk you out of feelings.” It takes some inner work, on your part, and you can breakthrough! More later on this.


Just like Key #1 - being aware, acknowledging and accepting is a great start to working through these and overcoming them. I’ll cover this more in Key #7.

The key of course is to "Feel the Feels" and not push them away. Breathe into and through them.


Learn to manage your mind and remember that the past does not equal the present or the future.

Infidelity issues are one of the most common of the pilot wife life, and if you've experienced this in the past, it is hard to let it go and remember that this does not have to happen again, especially with a different person.


Know and remember that the airline industry will always be linked to the economy, the oil industry, and this is part of life. Plan for it, and be prepared.

Plan for the worst and hope for the best.


Ask yourself some key questions:

What is creating this anxiety or trigger?

Is it something from the past? Am I projecting a feeling into the present or future?

Is it true right now?

Do I trust my ability to make important decisions on my own?


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