Pilot Wife Life Key 6 - Resentment of Their Resort Lifestyle

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While Your Pilot Has a Fancy Hotel Room With Room Service...

Funny story - in a moment of frustration, I said to my husband - “Well, it must be nice being you. Your life consists of nice hotels, room service and quiet time…”


Or something like that.

Now, to be honest, as I have grown, developed better communication skills and taking full responsibility for my thoughts, feelings and experiences, I realize how lame that statement was.

And, how it came from a place of placing blame outside of myself, holding him responsible for something he couldn't help. And, that wasn't what I wanted anyway! I was just frustrated and venting; wanting to feel heard and validated.


Heck, he was a pilot when I dated him, and married him. I knew what I was signing up for.


Nothing was really stopping me from pursuing a career that allowed me to live what I perceived as the “resort lifestyle” except me. Really. No one else could stand in my way. I am an adult and can make decisions for myself.


Over time, I came to realize that life on the road as a pilot is NOT a resort lifestyle, most of the time. Yes, there are some perks here and there, but most pilots will tell you they get lonely on the road. They miss being home. They are sad to miss holidays and special times.

Coming from an aviation background myself, I know they experience:

  • Long days
  • Crappy Food
  • Weather and Mechanical Delays
  • Crappy Passengers sometimes
  • Reassignments
  • Crappy Hotel sleep
  • Co worker issues
  • and more

And, they miss YOU! And being there for the fun and family events.


And, since so many men (not all, so I am not stereotyping here!) take their role as Alpha Male seriously, they have a desire to be there to help out when mayhem settles in. When they plumbing has issues; the power goes out; the teenagers are having hormone fits; and any number of other things that develop when they are gone.

I know it's challenging, fellow Pilot Wife, so on the next key, we'll talk about managing your thoughts.

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