Hack 8 - Simply Plan What You'll Eat Today


What Will You Eat Today?

Does hitting our fitness, health, wellness and weight loss goals have to be super tough and challenging?

For far too long, the "diet culture" has conditioned us to believe that success around hitting our ideal goal weight is about pain, suffering, deprivation and loss.

I'm here, with you, to not only debunk that myth for ourselves, but to raise up the next and future generations to live better and differently.

Through my blog, my emails, my training and programs, I want to do ONE thing - set you up with habits that empower you with the skills and ability to become a Peak Performer and live your best life.

Hack 8 - Simply Plan What You'll Eat Today

Success leaves clues....ALWAYS!

“You can’t Hack what you don’t Track!”


Tracking is a powerful way to be your own best coach and accountability partner. Easy to do, easy not to do. 

Yet it's another "Slight Edge Hack" that builds habits for change. The kind of change we want.

My motto: We don't get our goals, we get our habits!


Get a simple notebook. On the first page, write the 2 powerful questions: Am I hungry? Am I full?

Take notes on how that goes for you.

Track the times you say - no or maybe, and drink some water.


Write down what you eat. Don’t even worry about amounts right now. Let’s just focus on the 2 questions, and allowing those questions to guide how much you eat.


Also, track your water consumption and any exercise you do.


Finally, journal a little about your thoughts around your weight and wellness goals, and how you see yourself feeling once you’ve accomplished those goals.


The "diet culture" has conditioned us to fear food, and that there is only "one right way to eat."

We've learned to ignore our intuition and buy into food marketing that promotes "SAD - the Standard American Diet" - and it IS SAD!

I'm here to teach you to eat like a normal person, enjoy your food, and incorporate some slight edge hacks and habits that will help you not only lose eight, but feel great while feeling full, joyful about life and eating!

Going to a birthday party? No worries. Have the cake if you want, just plan for it! Factor what you'll be doing TONIGHT into your food plan for the day. 

Then, you can release the stress and guilt that you'll spend the day building up to, knowing that "OH NO, you're going to eat cake!" Relax, plan it, enjoy it. Savor each bite and appreciate your life, yourself and your body.

And, drink plenty of water, use the two questions, and have fun.

How are these slight edge hacks doing for you?


Are you ready to live your best life?


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