Social Media Image for Success

Social Media Image for Success

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Is Your Social Media Image Working For Or Against You?

Too many people are uber focused on the wrong things for success. Does this describe you?

They want the "Perfect script, landing page, funnel, time of day to post" and yet what does any of this really have to do with success in Social Media Selling?

Who have you bought from on Social? What time of day did they post? What was perfect about their script? Image? Content?

These are all great things to study, evaluate and learn from.


If you haven’t listened to my previous show on Self Image and understanding the role it plays in your success, go to Show 432 - Self Image for Success

In 1999, I took my business online. In 2003, I changed companies. I knew enough about the internet by then to build my ideal client avatar. Once I knew who I served and how I served them, I began to build a web site, email series, and ultimately social media content.

I was focused on two things - what was my perfect customer and team partner for MLM looking for? What were they searching, scrolling, stopping in the scroll for?  What tugged at their heart strings?


I ultimately created a million dollar image - and what that basically means is that the content and my way of sharing is what created and specifically attracted that million dollar essence, which created the million dollar income.

This is not just for business, career and money.

Think about this in the key areas of your life, too, not just business.

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