Why Your Sugar Addiction Is Not Your Fault


Sugar Shakedown Video 2 - Your Sugar Addiction is NOT Your Fault


Deceptive Food Labels and Food Marketing are One of the High Crimes of the Century!


Have you ever “Trashed a Bag of Chips” while binge watching Netflix? Of course, who hasn't?

But, were we hungry?

Avoiding something? Emotional Eating? Bored? Numbing out?

Remember this catchy bit of marketing - "Bet You Can’t Eat Just One…. Lays Potato Chips"?

Have you ever:

“Binged Out on a Pint of Ice Cream”


“Ate an Entire Bag of Cookies”


“Super Sized” Your Soda or whole meal?


Why do we only do this with addictive types of foods?


When was the last time you did this with broccoli? Kale? Cauliflower? Quinoa?


Food Labeling is MisLeading - How often do you see:


Heart Healthy

Low Fat

High or Low Carb

Gluten Free

Low Sugar

Zero Sugar

Vitamin Enriched



US doesn’t regulate food marketing to kids - 50 other countries do.


Today’s food is scientifically designed to reel you in. We are sold food that’s highly concentrated in some type of sugar and little to no protein, healthy fat or fiber.


Beyond the known culprits like cookies, cakes, sodas, and donuts, it’s hidden in most of our foods - salad dressings, peanut butter, juices, sauces, protein bars, tomato sauce, seemingly healthy granola cereals - just about everywhere.


The CDC and American Beverage Association have the same dietary weight loss advice on their websites. We’re in trouble. Through this, we are led to believe that there are No good or bad calories; that Coke can be part of your 2 liters of water intake daily.


Logically, does that make sense from a health perspective?


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And, video #1, about WHY Sugar is so addictive is here!


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