Why Try Intermittent Fasting for Hormone Balance, Weight Fat Loss

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I'm Glad You Asked - Why Intermittent Fasting


Welcome to my Peak Performance Intermittent Fasting “Fast Start “ Checklist (guide here!) resource series. My goal is to provide you with information, tools, and concepts you can research to get all of your questions answered.


Here are some of the benefits reported by many all around the globe who have tried, succeeded with and adapted "IF" into their lifestyle:


Hormone balancing

 Most of us don’t give our hormones a lot of thought. They are there, they do their job, and sometimes they don’t. We aren’t really educated about what to expect, and for women, beyond PMS and hot flashes as we enter menopause. We are kind of led to believe that it’s just the way it is and we need to accept it. But is that true? Not always. IF has balanced hormones for many people, including me. What if it might do the same for you?



Weight Loss Fat Loss

Maybe this is your primary goal. If so, you will likely see use benefits over time. Some people experience immediate weight and fat loss. I did. I won’t get into the specifics here, but you’ll find more on my blog and I’ll share more with you over time, so you better understand this.   Just note this - intermittent fasting activates certain key hormones, which enhance your ability to use fuel more effectively and stop storing fat.



Better Sleep

When your hormones are more balanced and less insulin is being released into your body by eating constantly, you’ll find your sleep will likely improve.    



Fat Adaptation

This is the ability for your body and cells to switch between using carbohydrates and fat as a fuel source. Similar to metabolic flexibility. You can burn carbs as soon as you eat them, and fat, also. And, your body will begin to burn stored fat and carbs when you are not eating.


Metabolic Flexibility

Your metabolism becomes flexible and will use whatever fuel is available. This often creates weight and fat loss! Bonus! It also offers higher energy levels, fewer blood sugar spikes and dips; less cravings and more.



Cellular cleanup (Autophagy)

I’ll get into more on this later, but this is essentially your body’s innate process of cleaning out and cleaning up tired, worn out and defective cells. Your body naturally does it, but prolonged eating throughout the day can dramatically slow it down. Fasting speeds things up and gets your body’s natural process working better.


Reduced Joint Pain/Inflammation

Autophagy helps clean out inflammation, which is often the root cause of joint pain.


Gut Issues - Bloating, Acid Reflux, Leaky Gut

Again, it only makes sense that cleaning up and cleaning out your body will work to heal and eliminate some of these symptoms.


As I shared, I have eliminated many of the symptoms I began to experience after turning 50 and have a more positive outlook on aging well. My skin has improved, my muffin top is gone, my brain fog rarely creeps in, and I seldom feel the need for an afternoon nap.


My conversations with hundreds of women (and men) just like you have confirmed what's happening as we age, and what's possible if we become aware, adapt and take action.


What symptoms and issues are you experiencing that might be resolved through intermittent fasting?


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