[EP24] Jason DuVernay Pilot Career Advisor on Best Aviation Career Strategies

Season #1

Pilot and Aviation Career Advisor Jason DuVernay is back for Part 2, we go further into the “Stigmas” and how inaccurate these have been, associated with certain types of flying and airlines; how to network well and ask for help without being annoying; good communication when applying for jobs and building solid relationships vs being transactional.

I ask Jason to look in his crystal ball and tell us his predictions for the next 20-30 years. We talk about Ultra Low Cost Carriers more in depth.


 How to set yourself up financially so whatever happens in the turbulent aviation and airline industry is not so devastating on the financial front.

 The importance of family; his wife’s background as a pilot and aviation pro; and how much it means to have the one at home understand the stress and the reality of life as a pilot, and how it is not just layovers at exotic places. And, finally, trust - trusting the time, distance and layovers that separate spouses and partners.

Pilot Jason DuVernay on Career Options and Life Part 1

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