[EP36]Goals and Habits For a Less Turbulent Life

Season #1

We don’t get our goals, we get our habits. So, how are your habits in your Pilot Wife Life? Or, your life in general?

Updates: I was recently interviewed on Women in Trucking on Sirius XM, so welcome to our Transportation Listeners from the world of Trucking. We love, appreciate and understand your lifestyle!

Sugar Shakedown - as a holistic Integrative Nutrition Coach, I have a guide to help you kick that sugar addiction to the curb! Grab the guide!


A few episodes back, I shared my 5 favorite F words, and they are my bucket values, too. I use these as a guidepost to create goals and habits for success!


It starts with the self image you hold in each area of your life. Let's go through it!


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