[EP39] A Leader of Women in Aviation - Andrea Hoover

Season #1

Andrea Hoover knew from a very young age that she wanted to be a pilot. Thanks to a dedicated family, she made that a reality and is a true leader in Aviation, paving a path for other women to follow their dreams, too!

There is still such a small percentage of Women in Aviation. On the show, we unpack some of the reasons why, and break through some of the myths that might be holding women back from a career as pilots in Aviation.

As this goes live, Andrea is headed to Captain Upgrade with American Airlines.

Listen in and learn how she juggles a fabulous aviation career, 2 young boys she co-parents with her ex husband, also a pilot. And, how well if really DOES work.

What does she do on layovers? Is this social time or Andrea "Self Care" time?

And, of course, navigating a predominantly male dominated profession with ease, grace and a little bit of sassy when needed! This gal can hold her own!

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And, of course, the  Pilot Wife Checklist - 7 Keys to To a Fabulous Pilot Wife Life.  

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