[EP41] Shattered to the Core - Valerie Walsh

Season #1

Valerie J. Walsh is the author of the memoir, “SHATTERED TO THE CORE."  She is also a Corporate Flight Attendant, Nationally Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness & Yoga Instructor and the creator of the CORE Fitness Method, a program that is committed to improving the overall Physical and Spiritual CORE Fitness of its members. 

In 2013, her mother died by suicide, which sent her on a journey to look deeper into her own life.

 Buckle Up, it’s going to be a revealing journey on this show!

We cover:

Death by Suicide vs "Committed Suicide"

Valerie's Battle with Alcoholism - a high functioning alcoholic


The Power in Journaling


 Valerie's choice to undergo a double mastectomy.

How to Stay in Good Mental Health and talk to/support others about mental illness


Finding Peace after chaos

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