[EP42] Aviation Alcohol and Sober October

Season #1

There is no doubt that the aviation community has a culture of alcohol. Let's talk about some of the ways we use, think about and question alcohol in our lives.

This is a judgement free zone, and considering any of this does not mean you are an alcoholic; that you have a problem with alcohol, or anything you don't want it to mean. It's just a chance to become aware, and more intentional and clean up your body a little as we head into the holidays!

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So, who is it for?


It’s for anyone who may have had any of these thoughts or questions:

Am I happy with when and how much I drink?

Do I over drink?

WHY do I drink so much?

Is alcohol affecting my health? My sleep? My sex life - OH, I got some GOOD stuff around sex and alcohol.

Is alcohol having an impact on my children? My marriage and relationships?

Is alcohol keeping this extra weight on my body?

Is alcohol relieving my stress and anxiety or adding to it? You may be surprised by some of the science and data I have to share on that. 

You may also wonder:

What will people say? Think? Do? How will they react? Will I get unfriended? Will I still be invited and fit in socially?

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