[EP46]One Pilots Story Aviation Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Season #1

Pilots, Alcohol, Aviation and Addiction

These are not 4 words that we typically want to associate together. Yet, it's a real thing, and somewhat of a hidden epidemic.

Today, David and Chelsey Shaffer step forward to share their story and offer hope and help to other Pilot, Pilot Wives and anyone questioning their own use, or abuse of alcohol. The pandemic not only increased alcohol consumption by 30-40%, but excessive drinking by 21% according to a Harvard study. 

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Alcohol use and abuse is not exclusive to careers nor excluded by some, including commercial airline and other pilots. As I have worked with pilot wives and other clients, these stories often come out, cloaked in fear, shame, guilt and a sense that something is wrong with us.

David and Chelsey share some key points:

Seeking help and eliminating the fear and stigma

The HIMS Program for Aviation

The Importance of Knowing How to Navigate Help Strategically and Avoid Pitfalls

Probably 4-5 Times the Number of Pilots Actually Need Help Who Are Not in the Program

Pilot Wives - We know this involves you, too, and we see it in the Pilot Wife Groups

Help is Confidential so No Fear

The Fear of Mental Health Disclosure on an Aviation First Class Medical

The Recovery Programs WANT You to Succeed

No Affect on Future Career or Getting Hired By a Legacy Carrier and Keeping Your Ability to Fly For a Career

And, more. David was drinking 6 "Handles" of alcohol a week - a handle of liquor is a 1.75 L bottle of liquor. That means each one has 39 1.5-ounce shots in it. So, we are talking almost 240 shots a week. You do the math.

Today, he is well, recovered and helping others!

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