Goals Resistance and the Motivation Needed to Succeed

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How to Succeed With Goals

Goals - We hear this term bantered around but how do we do more than set them and forget them, and not get them? How do we overcome the resistance of actually doing the work? How do we dig deep and find the motivation when it feels as if the well has run dry?

Why does it seem so easy for some to achieve their goals every time?

Today’s show takes that on.

 Do you set goals?

Do you have a Focus Goal for the year?

What’s on your plan for achieving goals this year?

If you set a goal, I hope you also made a plan to get there.

I use my Focus Word of the Year to keep me on track.

Review the Focus Word of the Year Show here, and how I choose mine!

My Word Of the Year is "Substance" and I use it daily through the questions I start the day with and my focus on it.

My word of the month - Constraint.

 Constraint allows me to measure my decisions against my goals.

The Why and the Way are the 2 steps we often skip after we set the goal.

The why of a goal is what provides the will to see a goal through to completion.

Why is the change important to you? Why now? What will it really mean? Dig deep and deeper.

 Clear in depth understanding is what allows resistance to come up, and more importantly, gives you the tools to keep going and push through resistance. 

When one is really clear on the WHY, then The way or the how to get it down unfolds.  

Write one goal at the top of a piece of paper and then below let’s chart out the steps to get there, working it backwards.

How do you see it unfolding? Skills needed? Plan?

What habits need to be released and what new habits formed? A change of behavior requires both - and a clear why and how.

Each day, each week, each year, I focus on My big 5 - each area - Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance and Fun.

This year - Fitness, Relationships (Family and Friends) and Finance, are my focus. The other 2 are wrapped into my 3 big goals

To succeed with these goals requires a shift in thoughts and actions.

Shifting Beliefs. Do you have a Goal or wish?

Fitness and Health - is my #1 Priority this year because it releases me to thrive in other areas. At this phase of my life, I have learned to value some key things in life, and how I feel and perform, show up are top.


Goal is any desired outcome that wouldn’t otherwise happen without you doing something.  You can’t just write it down.


The purpose of any goal is not so much in the attainment of the goal but who you must become, challenges you overcome, and what you learn about yourself along the journey in pursuit of that goal.


Goals. What does that word bring up for you? Hope? Excitement, despair, fear, resistance?

 PLEASE - for gosh sakes - Dream big again. Don’t shrink your goals.

Is it a Wish or dream? How will I know? Am I willing to do the work required to achieve any goal? Including the mindset shifts? Most specifically the mindset shifts.

We are conditioned for fast, easy, instant gratification, no discomfort. We have a pill or potion for it all.

What are your key areas? What is a top goal in each one? 

Do you want a goal of 6 pack abs? Why? How? What will you do, are you willing to do to accomplish it?

Goals contain resistance and avoidance. Be very clear on your willingness to actually do the work and make sure you have a personal investment in it. This is where WHY comes in.

What areas of your life do you want to improve?

Let’s anchor in some key thoughts to move toward that goal.

First, State your goal clearly. Write it down and then speak it into existence. Make it interactive.

Use 3rd person language. This isn’t hype, it comes from a Cornell university research study. It helps your brain see it and crystalize it and help you actually achieve it. 

Example  -

Jackie is committed to exceptional health and fitness, improving her muscle/fat ratio and shaping her body through daily weight resistance workouts. 15-30 minutes a day, very focused. No “one hour or nothing” mantras any more. She is a solid intermittent faster, and fuels her body with whole, nutritious foods 98% of the time. She no longer drinks alcohol as a regular part of her life.

 Jackie is also traveling more in 2023, and using her travel to network, meet new people and do business workshops in different cities, states and even countries. Her new workshop is called - Million Dollar Image - and focuses on How to Create Your Future Self For Success.

 Goal Mistakes:

Number 1 - we make the HOW of the goal everything and we never define or get clear on WHY!

Number 2 -  we set too many goals.

Number 3 - we need to find the "sweet spot" of goal success.

Number 4 - the goal is vague and lacks specificity. 

Number 5 - Lacks a plan to get there!

Now, what about your desire for a goal and then belief around that goal? What aligns? Is 10k in your business this month a realistic goal? Build on both the desire and the belief. Both must be at a 10.

Do you believe your goal (desire) is inevitable for you? Do you KNOW the action steps it will take daily, weekly to get there? Is that factored in?

Build a ladder of believability Let’s say your desire is a 10, but belief 2.  Does this mean you can never hit $10k? No. it just requires building your belief.

Start by Breaking down the goal.

Goal - $10k but belief is off.

What has been your best month? You can believe that. Or what have you earned elsewhere? You can believe that. Worthiness often tied to this.

Let’s say - $2k the first month. You work it and get there. What’s possible month 2? $3 or 4 k?

Month 3 - $5k all the way to $10k.

You are building belief and reinforcing it.

Be clear on what you control and what you do not.

Remove negative belief system by breaking it down your goals into bite sized chunks, this is the ladder of belief. 

Practice Gratitude for what you have and how you got there. Celebrate every rung you climb.

Set Reminders daily; future self letter, to do list, vision board or book, post it notes, visual cues in your room.

Practice repetition, builds and reinforces habits. - thoughts, mantras and mirror work Talk to yourself.

Rehearse - visualize your achievement and everything about it. 

“Living it” in your mind creates the emotion of having it. Create a memory now as your brain does not know the difference.

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