Intermittent Fasting - Experiment With Times


Best Times For Intermittent Fasting


There are so many questions, myths and methods for succeeding with Intermittent Fasting! Do you have some? I did, too!


What happens if you screw up for a day?

What are the best times? 

And more!

Here is the beauty of Intermittent Fasting :


You can’t really get it wrong or mess up!

It’s not a diet and nothing is carved in stone.


If you do a 12/12 one day and then an 8/16 the next, that’s okay.


If you only do Intermittent Fasting 2 days a week, that is still good for your body.


Experiment with your eating windows.


For a faster and more permanent solution to your challenges - weight, sleep, pre-diabetic or diabetic - a daily goal of 12/12 is great.


Work on your mental conditioning and thought work and move toward a 16/8 as your end goal.


As you do that, mix things up - 12/12, then 14/10, then 16/8, try for an 18/6, maybe even a 24 hour fast.


Track and hack your body. Make note of how you feel and what you experience.


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