Pilot Wife Life Key 5 - Holidays and Social Events

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Handling Holidays and Social Events Without Your Pilot

Spoiler Alert - this is real in the Pilot Wife Life.

There are going to be Holidays, Social events and special occasions that you will be dealing with ALONE.


This is just a reality of the Pilot Wife Life.


Refer back to Pilot Wife Life Hack #1 if and when this triggers you. I get it. It’s going to create frustrations and even anger at times.

Listen to the podcast below on Holidays!


Try not to be angry AT your pilot. Assuming you have communicated well,  he probably bid for it off and didn’t get it. My husband couldn’t hold summer vacation weeks until 25 years into his career.


We often didn’t know for sure if he would be at events like weddings, graduations, big parties, etc, until the month before.


I learned to manage it. I didn’t always like it, yet I learned that I could resist it and be miserable, because all the resistance in the world wasn’t going to change it. Or, I could accept it and find ways to enjoy myself “in spite of…”


I was lucky - he was there for the births of both of our children. And, we had a back up plan in case he wasn’t.


Ultimately, I learned I could survive…and thrive, regardless.


I also learned over time that the THOUGHT of him not being there was often much more triggering than the actual event he missed. I learned to make the most of every situation that came along.

Listen to the entire Podcast Episode:

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