Pilot Wife Life Key 7 - Daily Thought Work

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Controlling the Runaway Pilot Wife Mind

This is the BEST work I ever learned! Managing my mind - my thoughts, my emotions, beliefs, actions and ultimately, my results.


We can’t help what happens to us; but we get to choose how we deal with things.


Just like my story of the "Resort Lifestyle", when I calmed down, and processed what was actually happening, what I could control, and what he could control and help with at that moment, I took back control and became responsible and capable for my life and emotion around things.


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I’ll be teaching you the tools and techniques that I use to overcome any challenges that come my way - marriage, kids, family, stress and overwhelm - you name it. So, stay with me!


First is a Daily Thought Download - a brain dump, of your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is not so much “Dear Diary” as it is just getting all of the thoughts that jumble up in your brain out on paper. It’s about processing thoughts, feelings and emotions, the good and the bad.


Grab paper, a notebook, or bound journal and a pen. Set your phone timer for 5 minutes. Just start free flow writing.


About whatever comes to mind.


No judgement. No worries about spelling. No Grammar concerns, or Congruency. Fragmented sentences and one word thoughts are fine.  Nothing has to make sense.


No editing. No overthinking. Just get it all out.


Now, let’s analyze what you have written and take a curious approach.

Ask yourself:


Why am I thinking these thoughts?

What emotions come up for me?

Are they true?

Are they made up stories from the past?

Are they thoughts I am projecting into the future?

Are they serving me or keeping me stuck?

How would I like to think instead?

What do I think it means about me?

How and who would I be if I didn’t have this thought and feel this way?



When you can ask questions like these and get your ego out of the way, that is when real change happens!


Try it and let me know what happens. In the next few weeks, I’ll share some examples in your email and on the podcast, about how this works.


Pilot Wife Debrief and Summary:


This journey called life, and as a pilot wife is unique. It is misunderstood, quite often, by those outside of the profession. That’s okay.


When you are equipped with tools and skills to navigate it, you will soar far above the earth, and find an inner joy and peace!


Thank you for taking the time to go through this, and to work on yourself and your partnership. It will be SO worth it. Or, at least I think so.


I’ll be keeping you up to date with the podcast, and other tips and tools for life success!


We’ll be covering topics like:


Excess Baggage - People, Places and Things that Trigger Us

Handling Extended Family Stress


Kids and Chaos

Comparison and Other Negative Emotions.

Money Fights


And, you’ll hear the stories and experiences of many other Pilot Wives - some who share your same experiences!


Til then - Blue Skies and Tailwinds!


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