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Loneliness, Anxiety and the Pilot Wife Life

No shocker, When your spouse or significant other is gone, regularly, and you can't always plan ahead for it, it can create some stress, anxiety and loneliness.


What are the questions being asked in aviation and on the Pilot Wife Podcast? Today we cover


Loneliness and Finding Tribe
Worries and Anxieties as a Pilot Wife

Embracing the Pilot Wife Life



What We Cover:

Community is everything and finding your tribe as a PW can be critical to your quality of life.


Social Media changed everything - find Pilot Wife groups on Facebook and Instagram

Living in Base vs out of base. My experience in Phoenix vs LAX 

Get active in PTA (other moms) and Social Groups (Scottsdale prime time Facebook)

Get on Zoom Calls - Happy Hour, Coffee and more

ASK - many others feel the same way and are hesitant - break the ice

Stay tuned, the Pilot Wife and Aviation Holiday Survival Series is coming up

Worries and Anxieties as a Pilot Wife

Flying/safety fears.

Infidelity - Do Pilots Cheat More Episode

Divorce Proof Your Marriage Episode

Juggling solo - kids, issues. Have a plan and a list of people, especially a plumber, electrician and a Handyman


Embracing the Pilot Wife Life

I LOVE the aviation life. Can't imagine anything else.

First, focus on the good vs the bad. Every profession has challenges.

 When they are gone, you can do anything you want - different meals, entire bed, social events the pilot doesn't enjoy, messiness, travel with them, PLAN AHEAD. Travel with other Pilot Wives.

 When they are home, create quality time, date night, family time. Communicate!

 Can’t change another person. Mindset work and thoughts. It’s not the situation, it’s your thoughts about it. Let's talk about how that works!

 I’ll be happy when.....this is a myth. Find happiness FIRST!



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